We Ultracare group is one of the leading turnkey solutions provider of Packaged Drinking water Plant. We are manufacturer and supplier for all machineries and set up as per BIS standards for Packaged Drinking water plant.

We offer a full spectrum of water filter systems, commercial water treatment, commercial reverse osmosis water filters and residential well water treatment, iron removal, reverse osmosis, water softeners, and water systems for the farm, business, factory, and home. Unlike other companies we offer water softening alternatives for well water.

Complete your water purification system with the right accessories and consumables. Our pumps, filters and cartridges, storage accessories and replacement parts are designed to complement your point-of-use water system or large central water system. We advise customers of our products to use genuine consumables and spare parts offered by us. We have partnered with the best support specialist in your area to get you the spares that you would need for the efficient functioning of your product.

We provide variety of Consumables:


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Spenca mineral water emerges from a place in the heart of natural resources. Purity & bottling at an ecological plant is insured perfectly at every level. This latest organisation plant specially designed to preserve the original nature of the water. Compiling with all national & internation requirments. We have quality control laboratory, which controls the quality of water before, during and after bottling.

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